The United Latin American Pentecostal Church, Incorporated is an autonomous non profit organization which character is strictly religious and which Spanish translation is "Iglesia Pentecostal Unida Latinoamericana".  

Our Goals:

1. Religious goals: 

•  To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and the absolute truths written in the Bible.

•  To give spiritual orientation to the members.

•  To exercise the ministration of the believers.

•  To maintain the purity of the message and the biblical doctrines.

•  To minister the spiritual gifts according to the biblical instructions.

•  To maintain the principles, good administration and order of the Church as spiritual body.

2. Social Goals

•  To set and develop specific goals in accordance to the needs of believers and the communities where the church is present.

•  To organize and develop educational programs in accordance to the priorities and needs of the communities, members and ministers.


The administrative structure of the United Latin American Pentecostal Church is organized in this order: 

1.  The National Ministers Assembly

2.  The National Board of Directors (Bishops)

3.  The President of the Board of Directors

4.  The District Officers (Regional Presbyters)

5.  The Local pastors (Ministers of the gospel)

6.  The local boards (Deacons)

The National Board of Directors,  appoint the personal and supervise the programs for the departments of Youth, Ladies and Sunday School and the commissions in charge of the realization of social and philanthropic work according to the needs.


For a complete list of the congregations click here.

National headquarters

10 NW 35th Ave

Ft Lauderdale, FL 33311